Backup/Restore (4)

Tutorials on how to Backup/Restore your site from within cPanel.

cPanel (22)

How to access and use your hosting Control Panel.

Databases (5)

Understanding databases.

DNS/Nameservers (6)

How to modify your DNS/Nameservers on various registrars.

Domain Management (12)

Everything you need to know about Domain Names.

Email (5)

How to create and access your domain email.


How to access your files and folders using FTP/SFTP.

Mail Filters & SPAM (8)

How to set up mail and Spam filters.

Origin Client Area (2)

How to access and use the Origin Client Area.

Other (3)

Various tricks and techniques to improve your website.

Security (10)

How to protect your website.

Softaculous (2)

How to auto-install apps with Softaculous.


How to manage SSL certificates in cPanel.

WordPress (17)

A guide as to how to use WordPress.

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